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Daily Brew Coffee House Building Community


Daily Brew Coffee House

Building Community through the Art of Coffee


The smell of coffee, friendly conversations, and colorful art pieces are noticed as one walks up to the counter at the Daily Brew Coffee House. Approaching the counter, the menu is drawn out artistically displaying different options from coffee favorites to refreshing tea. One is now ready to order as they cheerfully are greeted by one of the “Brew Crew” staff.

The Daily Brew Coffee House stands on the purpose of building community with the craft of coffee and seeing all come together for the city of Riverside. The Brew Crew is in the business of creating authentic relationships with guests through the art of coffee.


The Daily Brew Coffee House opened their doors for business in November 2011. Owner ScottChristen was a patron from the previous coffee shop that took the location of now The Daily Brew Coffee House. “I started asking questions and figured out it was going to be easy to come in and begin a new shop. It was here, it left a hole in the community and I decided to give it a shot” said, Christen.

Scott has crafted a business that is built for the community. He believes Daily Brew Coffee starts with community and the craft of coffee came along the way.

The Daily Brew is a community hub that includes Waffle Wednesdays where the community can purchase several flavored topped waffles. There is a book shelf with rows of books known as the book exchange that only have one inviting rule: “take a book, leave a book”. Another favorite at the Daily Brew is the artistic vibe with the art pieces that live on the walls. “All the walls are covered with pieces from someone in the community. Even one of our staff does our menu boards, she is really talented. Occasionally we will have concerts on Friday nights from local artist”, states Christen.

Scott enjoys working in Arlington because he is lives in the community too. The people are his favorite part of his job and enjoys the interaction with his staff and customers. The Daily Brew Coffee House has favorites like the espresso frappes or cinnamon honey latte. The Daily Brew Coffee House also carries house made baked treats. One can purchase guest favorite waffle mix and granola to go.  If you enjoy craft coffee houses and a community feel, The Daily Brew Coffee House is a must in Arlington.


Scott is dedicated to the community being their passion and coffee being their craft. “We want to continue to make it better. We want to attract new people and really give our customers what they should expect from a craft coffee house.