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Our Vision

The Arlington Business Partnership envisions Arlington as an attractive historic destination for unique shopping, dining, and services.

Our Mission

The Arlington Business Partnership represents and promotes the economic and community development of the Arlington Business District, thus creating a sense of pride for all who live, work, and do business in Arlington.


The Arlington Business Improvement District (“BID”) was a conception of the Arlington Community Committee, a group of Arlington businesses and community leaders. Together they set goals and established parameters for the development of the Arlington area.  After many years of planning and discussions, on October 31, 2002, the Riverside City Council voted to establish the Arlington Business Improvement District with the following parameters: Each businesses within the BID would assess themselves 90% of their current business tax, up to a maximum of $400 per year. Once the BID was established, the name was changed to the Arlington Partnership.

Arlington Community Plan –   Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A Business Improvement District (“BID”) is a designated area within a city where its business owners have agreed to pay an additional, pre-determined amount each year with their business tax license renewal. These funds are allocated for various projects depending upon the specific needs of the District: Physical improvements, landscape enhancements, special projects (bus shelters, park renovation, youth/senior programs) and promotional activities designed to stimulate business growth within the District.

Arlington Business Improvement District (BID) Map

ABP map-0316 (Page 1)Membership

Businesses within the boundaries of the Arlington Business Improvement District (BID) are encouraged to become registered Members of the Arlington Business Partnership.  Membership is open to any business within the Arlington BID holding a valid business tax certificate and who completes with our application procedures.  In addition, we have we have four (4) non-Member individuals from the surrounding community who are also eligible for membership. Once you become a member, you are entitled to VOTE on any action requiring a vote of the membership.  To become a member, please complete and return a MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM

Annual Report

Each year in September the Arlington Business Partnership prepares and submits and annual report to the Riverside City Council that outlines Arlington Business Partnership’s activities throughout the fiscal year of November 1 to October 31.


Board of Directors

Click HERE for  more information about how our organization is governed.


The real work of the Arlington Business Partnership is done by members of our Board Members and community volunteers serving on our committees. Below is a brief overview of the type and function of our current committees.


A committee that is specifically formed per the Corporation’s Bylaws (Section 407).


Appointed by the Board of Directors that include members and non-members.  These committees are chaired by a Director and shall have no legal authority to act for the Corporation (Section 408).


Committee Name:               Executive Committee

Committee Type:                 Standing

Committee Chair:                James Hawthorne, President


Directs Corporation’s operations including leadership staffing, and policy making


Committee Name:              Finance Committee

Committee Type:                Advisory

Committee Chair:               Robert Steinmuller, Treasurer


Reviews financials and develops an operating budget for the Corporation


Committee Name:             Governmental Affairs Committee

Committee Type:                Advisory

Committee Chair:               Mike Sadaghian, Director

Committee Description:   

Evaluates activities of City Council in relations to the Arlington Business District 


Committee Name:              Marketing Committee

Committee Type:                Advisory

Committee Chair:               Enrique Ayala, Vice President


Develops, coordinates, or participates in programs, events, or activities that promote the Corporation and/or the Arlington Business District.


Committee Name:              Physical Improvements Committee

Committee Type:                Advisory

Committee Chair:               Robert Steinmuller, Treasurer


Coordinates project related to improving commercial property for the benefit of businesses within the BID and ensures that all improvements fall within the Arlington Community Plan and the Corporation’s Strategic Plan.

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