A Woman-Owned Business in Arlington, California

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A Woman-Owned Business in Arlington, California

Innovative Electric Services (IES) is located on Van Buren Blvd. in historic Arlington Riverside. The electric company started in 2007 and specializes from various commercial, industrial, and residential lighting to 24 hour emergency service. One thing that makes this company unique from being a family owned business is they are a woman-managed business headed by President Kari Steinmuller and her husband and Rob Steinmuller.


Rob Steinmuller started Innovative Electric Consulting in 1990 and Kari joined the team as the President when the couple decided to reorganize and open their doors as Innovative Electric Services. As a couple, they take gratification of being a family owned business that builds the foundation for a “family style” local business environment. “We take extreme pride in our work. Innovative Electric Services strives to keep our customers happy at any cost. We want openness with our customers . . . we want them to trust us with anything we do” says Rob Steinmuller.


Both Rob and Kari play different roles in Innovative Electric Services thriving in their specific job titles. “It is not one certain part (I like about my job) I like the interaction in the construction world. I learn new stuff all the time as a woman. I like hearing the process of jobs” says Kari Steinmuller. Some of the rewarding aspects of her job as President is hearing feedback from clients. “When someone says my friend used your services that is the best compliment (in my opinion) of personal use.


Rob Steinmuller states “My job title is RME, stands for Responsible Managing Employee. My favorite part of my job is you never know what call is going to come in. I like helping my customers in need. I like the interaction with the people and going to the job site and having the satisfaction of fixing or telling my customer how it is going to be fixed. It is the most rewarding part of my job for me”.


Having Innovative Electric Services locatedin Arlington is special for Rob Steinmuller because he grew up in the general area; it has a personal set of history. “It is where I grew up as a kid, I took swimming lessons at Arlington Park. I have gotten my hair cut at the same corner (barber) for forty two years”.


“It is a family over here (in the Arlington area). A lot of businesses try and use each other. It keeps the community going. I have met so many people from being here at this location that I never would have met if Innovative Electric was not here” states Kari Steinmuller.


When not working at their “family style” electric business, as a family of nine, they enjoy sports, boating, and motor styled sports as a family. “We enjoy life as a family. We are our own party anyways” says Rob Steinmuller.


Some exciting projects coming up for Innovative Electric Services are their assistance with the holiday lighting for the City of Riverside, Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce, and Historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa’s Festival of Lights in Downtown Riverside and the many other holiday festivities around town amongst other organizations. To learn more about Innovative Electric Services please visit http://innovativeelectricservices.com/ .