72 Years of History and Hair Cuts

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72 Years of History and Hair Cuts

Keyes Mane Design stands as a grounding businesses in the Arlington District. Owner Charlie Keyes is known for his expertise in grooming, “family style” customer service.

Keyes main focus is quality of service, an ethic rooted in his father who started the business in 1944 after moving from Wisconsin to California. “I followed in his footsteps and my son and daughter did also. There is three generations (of my family) on this corner”, said Keyes.

Charlie thrives on interacting with his customers and is proud of customer loyalty his shop offers. “Keyes Mane Design has quality of service, service is our thing, and quality of service is what we do. We once had four generations come in, four generations to come in that is a good gift (to me)” states Keyes.

Keyes inspiration for his business holds sentimental value as his father started the business 72 years prior. “(The Keyes family) have been here for 72 years. How do you get away from that? We are proud of being a family business. I still love coming to work and providing quality and making people happy is a satisfying thing” says Keyes.

Keyes is grateful for the community and the support Keyes Mane Design and the faith it presents in his business as he believes is what thrives in his business.