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The Arlington Times

Arlington Business Partnership has partnered with the The Press Enterprise to provide an exclusive publication available only to businesses of the Arlington Business Improvement District (BID). The Arlington Times offers BID businesses the opportunity to purchase ad space at discounted rates compared to regular advertisers. The bi-monthly publication is delivered to 36,500 Press Enterprise customers in the 92503, 92504, and 92505 zip codes as an insert in the Thursday and Sunday newspapers.






To advertise, contact your PE Account Representative today or Oz Puerta, Communications and Outreach Coordinator at (951) 509-1100.

Physical Improvement Program (PIP) Grant

The PIP Grant is a major program with an annual budget of $20,000. Arlington Business Partnership (ABP) offers the PIP Grant to property owners and/or business owners as an economic incentive to rehabilitate existing commercial structures in need of improvement. A qualified businesses owner or property owner may receive a grant for 50% of the total cost of eligible improvements up to $1,000 fiscal year (November 1-October 31).

PIP Grant Application

IRS W9 Form

For more information on the PIP Grant, please contact Andrew Guerra, Executive Director at (951) 509-1100.

Citrus Label Signs

These eye-catching crate labels are  mini-posters, depicting life and events surrounding the packinghouses that used them. Labels blanketed the country during California’s citrus heyday from the mid-1880s to 1955 and can now be purchased for your home or office; view our price menu now. As an added benefit, Arlington BID businesses may choose to install 4’ x 4 ‘ to 8 ‘ x 8’, labels on their business storefront  for FREE.   We have a large catalog of available labels to choose from.

Grand Opening Assistance

As a member of the Arlington District, we provide assistance to businesses in their grand opening event needs. Please contact the Arlington Business Partnership

Request for Sponsorship/Donation

Arlington Business Partnership is committed to investing into our community by providing sponsoring/donating to local organizations and events within the Arlington Business Improvement District and City of Riverside. If your organization would like to be considered for a sponsorship/donation, please click here for the application.

For information on request for sponsorship/donation, contact the Arlington Business Partnership at (951) 509-1100 or email

Current Capital Projects

Monument Signs

We are welcoming all to come Live, Shop and enjoy in the Arlington Business District.


Past Capital Projects


We’ve put up some beautiful murals in the Arlington Business District.  One of the biggest considerations is whether or not a building has a wall that’s visible and large enough to accommodate it.  In one case, we even took an empty lot and made it more appealing by installing a Historic Fence.

Large Mural at the corner of Van Buren Boulevard  and Magnolia Avenue.

  • Keyes Building – 3761 Van Buren Blvd.
  • Anaya Building – 9529 Van Buren Blvd.
  • 9506 Magnolia Ave.


Bus Shelters

In order to appeal to the unique and historic aspect of the Arlington Business Improvement District, Arlington Business Partnership worked in partnership with several agencies to install five shelters that replaced the basic bench at each location.  These sites were chosen based on ridership information supplied by the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA).  ABP and RTA continue to work together in maintaining these beautiful bus shelters.

Shelter locations are as follows:

  • On Magnolia Ave., near Jackson St.
  • On Van Buren Blvd., near Magnolia Ave.
  • On Van Buren Blvd. , near Lincoln Ave.
  • On Magnolia Avenue, near Hughes Alley